Shireen Bailey - Pilates Instructor


I have been active most of my life mainly through competitive running. In 1991 I qualified with the YMCA as a fitness trainer and in 2003 qualified as a Pilates teacher level 3 with modern Pilates. I so enjoyed this ' other side' of fitness, improving posture through muscle tone, flexibility, core strength and joint mobility, that I qualified as a level 4 teacher a few years later. It suits all ages and fitness levels as its a gentle low impact form of exercise with precise movements to target specific parts of the body and can be adapted. Combined with aerobic work I think you have the perfect balance in a personal fitness regime.

Shireen is running our Monday Beginners Pilates classes, one in the morning and one in the evening.

If you haven't done any Pilates before Shireen is the perfect teacher to help you get started.

Please email with your enquiry and bookings.


My qualifications are:


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